Build a culture of recognition
while doing good for the planet

Seed is the only peer-to-peer recognition software that facilitates authentic and meaningful appreciation among your employees while planting trees for the planet. All in Slack.
  • Elevate employee performance and happiness
  • Retain your Talents
  • Create a World Class Culture
  • 🌳 Contribute positively to the planet(learn more)
30 days free trial, no credit card required, cancel anytime

Hybrid and remote have changed the way we work

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining good employees isn’t easy. With a distributed or remote workforce, it’s even more challenging.

Working-from-home employees (WFH for connoisseurs) demonstrate a lower engagement over time.
Disengaged employees are 2x more likely to look for jobs.
According to Gallup research, 39% of employees feel unappreciated.

As a result, they are less productive, disconnected, and always searching for greener pastures.
Disengaged employees are 20% less productive.

This is why you need a recognition platform
Make your employees happier and more efficient thanks to Seed


Reduce Costs and Risk

14.9% lower turnover rates in teams with regular feedback
Employee retention is a critical concern for companies in all industries. Attrition comes at a high cost. Losing one employee costs companies up to 50% of their annual salary—even more if the individual has a lot of responsibility or specialized skills.
Reduce Costs and Risk

Turn engagement into performance

69% of employees work harder when recognized
Remote work doesn’t have to be a barrier to engagement. Seed provides a simple way to motivate your team, helping them feel more connected and part of the company’s success. When workers know their work makes a difference, they will put their heart and soul into everything they do.
Turn engagement into performance

Encourage the team to demonstrate your company values

Culture and values is the 1st satisfaction driver for employees
Broadcast your company values to your teams. Social recognition ensures everyone is seen and celebrated for what they bring to the table, and the benefits resonate throughout the organization. When employees feel valued, they stay in their jobs longer, strengthening company culture from the inside out.
Encourage the team to demonstrate your company values

Understand your workforce, measure your progress

Understanding the impact of your initiatives is the only way to ensure continued improvement. Seed provides the data you need to track progress, immediately recognize and reward top performers, and identify personnel that might need a little extra encouragement.
Understand your workforce, measure your progress

How it works

Send positive vibes in an instant!
Each week, every employee receives 5 🌱 to give out.
Employees send 🌱 to recognize their peers.
Every month, one tree 🌳 is planted for every active user on the system.
how seed works

Seamless Integrations
Maximize Adoption

Everything happens in Slack Or Teams for your employees. We make sure they don’t need to sign-up to another tool. Seed instantly becomes part of your ecosystem and starts generating value immediately.
seed integrates with HR tools

To drive real results, adoption is key!

Here is our methods to drive the best adoption
  • Appreciation Day
    Appreciation Day encourages colleagues to recognize each other by creating a special day to send kudos and seeds. (previously called Feedback Friday, now choose Frequency and day of the week)
  • Weekly leaderboard
    Friendly competition! Wether you take it seriously or not, leaderboards are a great way to motivate your people.
  • Rewards
    Employees can claim rewards thanks to 🌱 they received. The reward platform is controled by HRs gives an incentive in collecting more Seeds.
  • Levels
    Employees gain levels from their recognition efforts. The more they send/receive recognition, the more they gain experience points and therefore unlock levels. This gamification boosts usage and commitment.
  • We plant trees for every ACTIVE user
    This is part of our core value and also helps for employee participation. We notice that a lot of people want their monthly tree to be planted and therefore make sure to send kudos.

How Seed compares to competition?

Seed offers the integrations, data, and intuitive UX your people need to stay connected and productive. Plus, every active user on the system contributes to boost your ESG initiatives.
logo Seed hr
  • Fully integrated in Slack (no other tool to sign up)
  • Data reporting about engagement and employee analytics
  • 5 stars UX
  • Flexibility (cancel anytime, month-to-month, no implementation fees, free trial)
  • Help the planet
  • External app to sign up
  • No/poor insights
  • Complex setup and usage
  • Lengthy contracts, implementation cost, non self service
  • N/A
30 days free trial, no credit card required, cancel anytime

Deliver a world class employee experience and drive engagement

🍒 Cherry on the cake 🍒

One more thing...

Carbon removal is a critical aspect of addressing climate change. We all want to do our part, but choosing the right initiative to get behind isn’t always easy. Seed makes it simple.
plan trees to help the planet

We Plant One Tree Every Month for Every Active User

Like our customers, we are driven by purpose. And like almost everybody, we are concerned about the planet and want to be on the right side of climate impact.

The task is monumental, and many organizations still struggle to choose an approach that will not only support their ESG efforts but also make a measurable difference in the world.
  • Automatic as long as your subscription is active
  • Track impact on your climate dashboard
  • Apply data to Environmental, Social and Governance reporting requirements (ESG)
  • Certificate for every tree planted with geolocation and type
Tree planted for each user