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Seed Levels

Seed Levels aim to reward top contributors over time with exclusive levels to unlock and badges.
Let’s dive in the feature details!

What are levels?

First, let’s describe what exactly are we talking about. A level represents your experience on Seed. The more you use Seed, the more you gain points and the better your level is. Giving or Receiving recognition contribute to your experience points.

You’ll see in Seed’s dashboard in Slack your progress in your level and the number of points remaining until next level.

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Whenever you unlock a new level, you’ll receive a specific certificate to announce the level you gained.

Feel free to share this certificate on Linkedin or X (former Twitter) 😇.

Why these levels are important

We know how rewarding it is to accumulate experience points and feel that your efforts are being recognized (even your recognition efforts).

Also, leaderboards are not enough. They are a great way to reward temporary efforts (weekly or monthly) but we wanted to reward long lasting efforts.

Now with Seed levels, you can cumulate and unlock titles and badges (coming soon). It’s motivating and therefore pushes everyone to send more recognition and act accordingly to receive recognitions as well.

How to use Seed levels

To gain points, you must send or receive kudos. Points will add up automatically when sending recognitions.

1 point = 1 seed given or received

How to check your level and your progress?

You can go in Seed’s dashboard within Slack to see where you’re at for your current level (cf screenshot above).

How to share my certificate when I gain a level?

When you gain a new level, you’ll receive the certificate via private message from Seed in Slack. You can download the certificate picture directly from there and share it on social media.

🌳 Note that we plant 1 tree for you if you share your certificate on Linkedin (don’t forget to mention

We hope you like this new feature, don’t hesitate to reach out at for any feedback or feature request.


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