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  • Peer to peer kudos and praise
  • Company values recognition
  • Slack integration
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Leaderboards
  • Feedback Friday
  • Full history of recognitions for admins and managers
  • 🌳
    1 tree planted per user every month
  • Custom integration
  • Security questionnaire
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Onboarding guide
We provide advices and content on how to introduce the software to your colleagues.

Turn engagement into performance

69% of employees work harder when recognized
Remote work doesn’t have to be a barrier to engagement. Seed provides a simple way to motivate your team, helping them feel more connected and part of the company’s success. When workers know their work makes a difference, they will put their heart and soul into everything they do.
Turn engagement into performance

Encourage the team to demonstrate your company values

Culture and values is the 1st satisfaction driver for employees
Broadcast your company values to your teams. Social recognition ensures everyone is seen and celebrated for what they bring to the table, and the benefits resonate throughout the organization. When employees feel valued, they stay in their jobs longer, strengthening company culture from the inside out.
Encourage the team to demonstrate your company values

Understand your workforce, measure your progress

Understanding the impact of your initiatives is the only way to ensure continued improvement. Seed provides the data you need to track progress, immediately recognize and reward top performers, and identify personnel that might need a little extra encouragement.
Understand your workforce, measure your progress

How it works

Send positive vibes in an instant!
Each week, every employee receives 5 🌱 to give out.
Employees send 🌱 to recognize their peers.
Every month, one tree 🌳 is planted for every active user on the system.
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