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How does Seed compare to Matter app? What the best employee recognition software? What’s the best alternative to Matter app?

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Comparing Matter app and Seed

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In today's workplace, recognizing employees' contributions is a must-have for companies. It has become a crucial motivation driver as well as a catalyst for better performances. On this page, we will review how Seed HR and Matter app compare in terms of features and concept in order to recognize employees.

We'll go through the main diffrences between Seed and Matter app so that you can choose the best solution for your current needs. The goal of this page is to give you as many data points as you need to decide which platform aligns best with your organization's goals and values. Here is why you should consider Seed HR as a Matter app alternative.

Participation drivers - one step further with Seed

The success of such a platform is deeply linked to the fact that employees are using it to recognize each other. To do so you need to drive usage so that people keep sending kudos.

If Matter has some of these features, not all are available. Seed has all of these:
  • Feedback Friday
  • Weekly leaderboard
  • Rewards
  • Seed plants trees for every ACTIVE user every month
Participation drivers - one step further with Seed

Company value recognition (with actionnable insights)

Matter app does not provide company value recognition whereas Seed does. Recognizing company values explicitely have several advantages:
  • It allows you to see which value resonate the most among your employees
  • Make your values more actionnable
  • For yearly performance review you can see who masters which company value and which other value needs an extra effort.
Company value recognition (with actionnable insights)

Advanced insights (not just basic analytics)

Understanding the impact and tracking progress is key when you install such software.

When Matter app only provides basic analytics, Seed provides the data you need to track progress, immediately recognize and reward top performers, and identify personnel that might need a little extra encouragement.
Advanced insights (not just basic analytics)

Help the planet with Seed

Seed plants One Tree Every Month for Every Active User Helping you with your Environmental, Social and Governance reporting requirements (ESG).

This is a unique feature that Matter app does not provide.
Help the planet with Seed
No engagement
Cancel anytime, pay month-to-month, no implementation fees.
Free trial
Try out for free for 30 days. Install in less than 1 minute.
Onboarding guide
We provide advices and content on how to introduce the software to your colleagues.

Discover how Matter app compares with Seed HR

Enjoy a detailed comparison table about features and pricing
logo Matter app
logo seed
30 days free trial
Price per user$3 per user per month$3 per user per month
Feedback Friday
Tree planting program
Advanced data reporting
Company value recognition
Reward system
G2 rate4.6/54.9/5

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